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Yellowstone Antlers Wholesale

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Why do antler prices fluctuate?

Antlers are a worldwide commodity. Currently, the demand is strong for Antlers in Asia, where they are used in traditional, and more recently, modern Medicinal Research and Wholistic Medicines.

We are also seeing the demand for Antlers within the US has increased in the past couple of years and new markets are opening up in other developing countries around the world.

Like any small business, we want to stay in in the game as long as possible. Unfortunately we have no control over the cost of our raw material. In order to keep up, we occasionally must adjust our prices in order to maintain.

Because of the high demand, we have to choose between not purchasing product or paying the market value for our raw material. There is no way to corner the market on naturally shed Antlers, so again we are forced into going rate based on supply and demand which is on the rise with this this limited natural resource.

This past year, we started to run low on antler supply and in order to prevent running completely out we had to purchase more antler during the “off-season”, which in the antler world is anytime after June 1. By the month of June, 99% of the annual antler crop has been bought up and in the possession of investors and brokers. In order to acquire quality antlers during this off season, we have to pay their market price. It is always our goal to purchase enough premium antler early in April and May to see us through to the next season, but not always can we forecast the right amount. When sales surpass supply and we are faced with running out or sourcing antlers from the brokers, the only option is to purchase at the higher price and pass around 50% of the increase on.

We know the increase makes all involved uncomfortable and understand it is hard on you retailers, as well as your valued customers. We feel the same way as well, but it is of paramount importance to at least continue to offer the antler chews, even at a 10-15% increased price, thus at times we must adjust our price accordingly.

Another aspect of supply and demand is the slow decline of certain Elk population. Some areas, unfortunately, no longer produce much antler. For example, the Northern Yellowstone herd that migrates to the Gardner Valley area of Montana, which was numbered over 19,000 animals in 1995, is now down to near 3,000 animals. This herd struggles with very few calves living to make the one year mark. The decline of the Northern Yellowstone herd started after 1995. That same year, the Canadian Wolves were introduced to the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem.

It has always been our goal to provide the best antlers and for the best price. There might be a few vendors that offer antler close to the same price, but we are confident the quality would not be equivalent. We also strive to provide rapid shipping and service.

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