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5 / 5 Stars
Joseph Mazzotta - Nov 6, 2018
My dog Bailey had another elk bone just like this and he hugged it & chewed it constantly for the last 6 months.The bone was so small I had to take it away and he sulked. I ordered another same size 10-12" and he is again the happiest pup on the planet!!!!

My dog loves it
5 / 5 Stars
Jodi McGreggor - Oct 8, 2018
My dog has been using antlers since he was a pup..and now being 8 years old it was hard to find a good quality moose antler ( softer for older teeth). So happy we found Yellowstone antlers. Order a 2 pack of mediums and a large. Perfect sizing. Antlers are fresh. No dried splintering. Keep up the great work!

Frank Martino - Oct 1, 2018
I can't thank Don enough for the selection of Antlers. I have small dogs but my family and friends have larger 4 legged family members. I buy various sizes and they all love their Antlers. Recently I spoke with Don & he suggested the split Antlers. I ordered them for my boys and they love them. Thanks again Don and I will be sending in my Holiday order soon

Erin Sanders - Sep 30, 2018
My dog is happy and entertained when chewing on these antlers!

Yellowstone is my Favorite, paws down!
Yellowstone is my Favorite, paws down!
GIANT-WHOLE Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
Lisa Nichols - Sep 25, 2018
I have purchased Yellowstone Elk antlers for quite a few years now. My two German Shepherds have very high drives and are very powerful chewers. Cinder and Cyrus LOVEEE their Yellowstone Premium Elk Antlers and I am confident I am giving them the best quality chews with your naturally shed antlers. These antlers last a while, even with my two tough knaw'ers! I'm sending along a photo of my girl Cinder with her Yellowstone Elk Antler that she received for her 8th Birthday. She says "Yellowstone Elk Antlers are my favorite, paws down!"

SHAWN NEDJOIKA - Sep 17, 2018
After receiving mule deer antlers would definitely purchase again

Angela S - Sep 6, 2018
I am always impressed at the size and the quality of these antlers. My two pit bull mixes love them. Since my first purchase from Yellowstone Antlers, we have been loyal customers, never buying our antlers from anywhere else. We always get them on time and they try to accommodate my request to make them very similar in size and shape because of having a brother and sister pit mixes. My Whiskey River and Jäger loves Yellowstone Antles and we won’t buy from anyone else!!!!!!

Placed A Second Order For These
5 / 5 Stars
Mary Anne Haffner - Aug 27, 2018
Our pups are super chewers, and these large split elk antlers are their choices for having a great time chewing.

Patricia Caruso - Aug 22, 2018
I never send in reviews, but for this product, I will.
I have two rescue pitties and they chew up anything organic in about 37 seconds. I have tried Nylabones but they lose interest and I don't like the plastic going into their bodies. Marrow bones are good, but only last the day.
These bones are fantastic. My 65 lb male can't chew through them. They last a long time and they chew on them every day. The female loves them because they are tough, but she can get her jaw around them. I also love the idea that they are healthy and a natural treat.
The mediums were a perfect size for both. I also purchased a large, but it seems to be too big for the male's mouth. They do chew on it, but prefer the medium size.

Very satisfied with size and quality of elk antlers.
2- pack MEDIUM-WHOLE Elk Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
4 / 5 Stars
Cameron Wingers - Aug 22, 2018
Very satisfied with size and quality of elk antlers. Was my mistake but I thought ordering details were a little confusing. Wasn't clear if I actually ordered 2 packages of 2 antlers each or one package of 2 antlers.

Wendy Pabich - Aug 9, 2018
My dog loves it! Much larger size and better quality than other antlers we have purchased before. We'll be buying more in the future!

MaryAnne Haffner - Aug 1, 2018
Recommended by a trainer, our two dogs love these antlers. One of our dogs is a super chewer...he loves these antlers which keep him busy and content. We will definitely be repeat customers!

Frank Martino - Aug 1, 2018
Got a Chihuahua mix pup. He is very playful and the antlers are perfect for him. I spoke with Don, a really great guy. Don took the time and gave me some ideas for when he gets older and a little larger. There was no sales pitch just a good man giving me some ideas. Thanks again for the great product and for taking the time so that I can explore new items in the future. I also gave a few to my nephew for his dog. His dog also loves them

Frank Martino - Aug 1, 2018
Thank you for the small antlers. The are great. My Rat Terrier walks around carrying his new antler. He chews this all hours of the day and night. There are perfect. I have been buying from Don for at least 5 yrs.never had a problem. Prices are great and we get them in a few days. Thanks again Don. You make my boys extremely happy

Joan Macaluso - Jul 11, 2018
I have been ordering antlers from Yellowstone Antlers for a few years now and couldn't be happier with the service and quality of the products. My dogs love the antlers and carry them around the house every where they go.

Zsa Zsa - Jun 22, 2018
Our Bernese Mt Dog loves her antler chew.
The xtra large was too big for her to manage so we cut it into a smaller pieces and she works on it intermittently all day long.

Blue tested , Mother approved
5 / 5 Stars
Connie Herigstad - Jun 7, 2018
Having an hard core chewer in the house had gotten quite costly. He would chew on anything, doors, window frames, baseboards...Leather Sofas. The antler chews saved our life ( or maybe his) They are huge and the price can't be beat. I've shopped and bought antlers from a lot of sources and have never found better or cheaper than these. Blue tested , Mother approved

Kelli Regan - Jun 2, 2018
Our puppy, Ella, is 5 months old and absolutely loves these split Elk antlers!! We love them too because they last a long time, there’s no odor, and they keep her occupied for a long time!

5 / 5 Stars
Donald Lara - Jun 1, 2018
The elk antlers exceeded all expectation in size, weight and timely delivery. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a long lasting healthy choice for their dog.

Brenda Miller - Apr 30, 2018
These antlers are the best. Don't be put off by the price. They are SUCH better quality and size than the (also expensive) pet store types! My dogs love the split ones and attack the marrow. They are not messy at all and REALLY long lasting. My dogs can consume other types of chews in minutes but takes my dogs months per antler so a great value!

Kendra Sroka - Apr 27, 2018
We absolutely love these antlers. We have a 7 month old yellow lab and she is a strong chewer. They keep her busy for hours! She carries them around even when she is not chewing them. Her favorite chew toy!

Great product, great price, always fresh.
WHOLESALE Elk Antler Dog Chews- Grade-A
5 / 5 Stars
Mike Willett - Apr 27, 2018
We order about fifty pounds of various elk antlers every quarter. Yellowstone antler without exception provides accurate orders that are quickly shipped to our store.
Highly recommended company!

Mike, Boise Idaho

Highly recommended! Our dog loves them
Highly recommended! Our dog loves them
LARGE-WHOLE Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
Lee - Apr 25, 2018
We have shopped at Yellowstone Antlers for years. Our dog absolutely loves them. She's a big chewer and these are by far her favorite things to chew. She knows when a delivery gets here and immediately sets to breaking it in. I would highly recommend these chews!

Anthea McCallister - Apr 25, 2018
The antlers, I chose the split, arrived quickly. I have 3 Goldendoodles who seemed to know the package was for them. Split antlers are a huge favorite, I ordered both the large and medium sizes but the medium are definitely the favorite of my 45-50lb girls. They large size is a bit heavier and carrying it around is not as easy. The seller gives a recommended size to purchase depending on the weight of dog and for me they are spot-on.

Missy Rowland - Apr 23, 2018
I have a 11 month Aussie Shepherd/Catahoula Leopard dog mix Named Ozzy and boy is he a chewer. We call him destructo because that is his "job". I have tried every kind of chew there is that is all natural and within hours and sometimes minutes he has devoured them all.
I gave him a split moose antler about a week ago and he has done nothing but chew on it. When I tell you it looks almost brand new trust me. I am so surprised to say that he isn't bored with it, carries it all around the house with him, and just truly loves it.
There is no marrow like the splint elk or deer. Next week I will introduce the elk splint to him next.
I really give this 10 stars. From the way the products were packed to how fast I had a question answered to seeing that they are 100% natural.

Ed - Mar 13, 2018
These are the best chews for my dog Chief. I am convinced that he is part Beaver. He rapidly chews through every bone, toy and tree limb that he get a hold of up to this point. He loves these. I will definitely continue to purchase these and recommend to all of my friends and family.

Three happy golden retrievers love them
Three happy golden retrievers love them
LARGE-WHOLE Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
Loren - Feb 23, 2018
My three goldens absolutely love the large elk antlers. They're so fresh that the dogs can smell them as soon as I walk in the house from the mailbox. Our puppy even learned (at 7 months old) how to 1) bark at the door to go outside, enticing her big brother to drop the antler he's chewing and run to the door, then 2) run to the antler he dropped and start chewing. Now that we have plenty around the house, there's a bit less trickery required. LOL

Giant Whole Elk Antler is Fantastic
Giant Whole Elk Antler is Fantastic
GIANT-WHOLE Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
Jim Wirtanen - Feb 23, 2018
We received our order of 3 giant elk antlers a short time ago and our German Shepard just loves his. (the other 2 are backups for when this one gets too small) He works and works on his which will probably last a couple of months. We have tried antlers from local stores here (chicago area) and found them both too small and way too expensive. Your product is just perfect for our dog who has an extremely strong bite. Other products don't last. Thanks for being so prompt with our order and your quality product.

Ariana - Feb 13, 2018
We have ordered antlers from a few other places previously. Antlers are the ONLY thing we know our dog Luna won't destroy immediately. She does, however, still go through them quickly.

This antler is the only one that has taken her a long time to get through. I ordered 3 to plan ahead back before Christmas, and we're still on the first one. Best value ever!!!

awesome product, cost is fantastic, great customer service and a great company to work with.
awesome product, cost is fantastic, great customer service and a great company to work with.
X-LARGE-WHOLE Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
Vickie - Jan 5, 2018
I have been buying the antlers since Cole, our pup was a year old. He is now 7yrs. Because of the antlers he stopped chewing our shoes. He loves them!!! He will take his antler from room to room so it is right near by. He just received his first order of 2018, and I barely got in the door before his nose was all over the package. He knows it is for him.
The folks at this company are attentive, and respond very quickly to any problem you might have. A couple of friends order from the company and believe me I would not recommend Yellowstone to any one if I wasn't highly satisfied. Enjoy the pictures of our baby Cole enjoying his latest order. (which arrived a day early).

Only chewable item she cannot destroy
GIANT-WHOLE Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
Robert - Dec 8, 2017
Great product. Every other item I have bought for my friend she absolutely destroys. With this product my dog settles down every night after her meal and works on these for a long period of time. She never chews anything else around the house. And I have never been disappointed by the size when I receive them. Just like advertised.

Rex absolutely LOVES his elk antler!
Rex absolutely LOVES his elk antler!
GIANT-WHOLE Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
Greg Everett - Jun 6, 2017
We ordered the giant elk antler for Rex and he absolutely loves it! It's been a couple of months now and he is down to about 3 inches left so it's time to order another one. Don't hesitate at all buying from Yellowstone Antlers. Their customer service is excellent and so is their product. You can tell they love dogs!

When the husky approves it's quality product
When the husky approves it's quality product
LARGE-WHOLE Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
Tiffany - Apr 11, 2017
She certainly has a habit of nomming herself to sleep lol. This spoiled princess of mine is very easily bored and quite picky on what entertains her mind. After even a good solid walk she is bursting with the desire to still move but her hips just aren't what they used to be. Bully sticks are to fatty and give her runs and I wont allow raw hide into the house. So this was a last resort. Store bought are just terribly dry and often break and crack. These products not only last her for over 2wks of good everyday chew time but also provide an excellent distraction to her restlessness as she adopts to her limiting mobility. Though I do recommend the elk over the deer if you are going to be offering them like this as she went through the large deer in a couple days :/ The customer service is also above and beyond superb. I have sent several worried and curious emails about their product and each time was treated with understanding and kindness and full confidence in the product they sell. Not once have I ever felt unwanted or needy with them. Excellent good quality product and spectacular customer service are becoming unheard of now a days and I am proud to say this place has both in spades. Will never buy my antlers anywhere else!

Karlee Davis - Mar 17, 2017
My Siberian husky loves his new Yellowstone Antler! He literally looks like he is in heaven when he is chewing on it and it is the only chew toy I have found that is tough enough to withstand endless hours of chewing for months on end! Yellowstone Antlers are extremely durable and high quality. The price is right and the customer service is top notch. When I received my order, I could tell that it came from awesome people. I will definitely continue to order from this company. Thanks so much!! The Davis family Eugene, OR

Shelley M. - Feb 1, 2017
Our 10 month old Charcoal Lab Emmie and our year old yellow lab Jax absolutely love Yellowstone Antlers!! We received our first order last week and the antlers provide hours of chewing for these two puppies!! Thanks and we will be ordering again!
Steve and Shelly Mundt

Christie - Jan 24, 2017
These are about the only chews that are safe for my pup with food allergies, so we've tried a bunch of different antler companies - local pet stores, online, etc. These are far and away the freshest we've found! My dog totally loves them, he'll chew on them for hours if I let him. And they're gigantic too, so they'll last a long time. I was a little apprehensive about having to buy two, since antler quality seems to vary so much between companies, but the purchase was well worth it. These guys will be my go-to from now on!

Best Bang for a Buck
5 / 5 Stars
Scott Irvin - Jan 10, 2017
Purchase antler chews for our new and old puppy six months ago and they're still enjoying the quality and safety of this all natural chew toy. Yellowstone antlers is as competitively, if not better, priced than any place we've found; and they shipped on time as promised. We wouldn't buy our next set of chews from anywhere but YellowstoneAntlers and we frequently and highly recommend them to our friends and family. Thank you for creating the company and delivering on what you advertise - job well done, very well done.

Large-Split Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
Large-Split Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
LARGE-SPLIT Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
David Moll - Dec 27, 2016
I purchased (2) Large-Split Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews from Yellowstone Antlers a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised to get them today. They were shipped the same day that I ordered them. I have a 65 pound Golden Retriever and the Large-Splits are the perfect size.... not too big, not to small. The antlers were well packaged and a nice personal thank you note was on the receipt. I give Yellowstone Antlers 5 stars for an excellent product and efficient and kind service.

I attached a picture of Larry, my dog, at the Grand Canyon.

Sonja Foltz - Dec 9, 2016
I received my package today and I am very excited about the size of these antlers. And the package came with a personable Thank You. I will continue to patronize this small American business!

Tomi - Dec 1, 2016
Thank you very much for a great product! This is our third order with you. Our golden loves these elk bones. They are so worth the investment. They last and last, even with a big aggressive chewer.

5 / 5 Stars
Bill and Laura Anderson Mokena, IL - Nov 30, 2016
Our dogs love their Yellowstone Antlers. The antlers are a healthy treat that they can enjoy for a long time. We always have new ones available for the dogs as the chew them down.

One question though... what is the best time of year to order the largest antlers? As you can see from the photo, we have 3 big GSDs and the antlers we get from you are by far their favorite chews. We appreciate that you offer an excellent product at a fair price.

Bill and Laura Anderson
Mokena, IL