Premium Grade-A Elk Antler Dog Chews

Customer Reviews

Aimee Clark - Sep 27, 2020
They are amazing in size and quality. I will definitely buy again

5 / 5 Stars
Laura Keck - Sep 26, 2020
These are top quality antlers that my dogs love! They are substantial and not dried out like others we have purchased in pet stores. Great quality and price. Thanks!

Jodi - Sep 24, 2020
So ok I was skeptical. But OMG what a AMAZING product!!! I bought Moose Antlers.. one for Josie and the other for Georgia. My dogs love them!! I will order again and again from your company.

5 / 5 Stars
Judy Mcdaniel - Sep 24, 2020
Always satisfied

Robin Andersen - Sep 23, 2020
Hey Don, My girls thought the Old Faithful Mega’s were ok, they liked the others much better. But Thank You so much

Robin Andersen - Sep 23, 2020
Hey Don, My girls really loved the Giant Splits. I will be ordering more from you soon. Thank You

Robin Andersen - Sep 23, 2020
Hey Don, My girls just love them them. Thank you so much on the fast delivery.

Liz G - Sep 21, 2020
Yellowstone boneS are top quality. This is my third order and my Rottweiler and golden doodle love them!

Karen Glenn - Sep 4, 2020
I have tried several companies and the large or extra large have been small to very small, yet really expensive. Love your products, your follow up & dedication to hearing from your customer base. Antlers are huge and our dogs love them! Thank you.

My Puppy Loves These
5 / 5 Stars
K Jasper - Aug 31, 2020
I'm that pet parent, the one who is way too much, but I just love my puppy like crazy. I purchased this 2-pack of medium paddles and my puppy will not put it down. She loves gnawing on this moose antler. I love that it is a little softer for her to feel like she is getting somewhere with it. I will definitely be buying more in the future!!!

Steven Young - Aug 28, 2020
Great product and even better customer service. Shipping is very quick.

Kimberly Sefcovic - Aug 26, 2020
The antlers are fresh. My 12 year boxer, Lucy, loves antlers. She chews, carriers and sleeps with her antlers.

Kenneth Beasley - Aug 17, 2020
Our dogs immediately loved their new bones we received from Yellow Stone last week. I think they are going to last a while, but our older dogs teeth have improved in appearance 75% since he has been chewing on the new bone. Thanks Beasleys

Great item, we love Yellowstone Antlers are the BEST!
Great item, we love Yellowstone Antlers are the BEST!
2-pack MEDIUM-SPLIT Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
Kendra Sroka - Aug 14, 2020
Our Luna loves Yellowstone Antlers so much that every night she sleeps with them. We have been buying them for years and even purchased them as gifts for our friends dogs. Worth every penny!!

Sara Dolan - Aug 13, 2020
We order Yellowstone Antlers several times a year for our store and our own dogs. Best quality we have found, and get great feedback from our customers, and pups. Will be customers for a very long time.

Joseph Morea - Aug 7, 2020
Oliver and Maggie May love there new antlers

5 / 5 Stars
Yvonne Smith - Aug 2, 2020
Website is easy to use/order from. Fast shipping!! My dogs love this product!!!

Laura Huebner - Jul 28, 2020
My lab loves these. I know they're safe and sustainable, so I love them, too.
Thank you, Yellowstone Antlers.

John Yeruski - Jul 25, 2020
Literally seconds after giving Izzy her first Yellow Stone antler she was hooked! She absolutely loves these things!She'll chew on them for hours. We'll never give her anything else to chew on. Just a little over a month from getting our first pack and we need to order more!

Mark Harris - Jul 22, 2020
Misha chews on his antler a little every day. The antlers last a long time So I don’t have to buy new ones every other day. Very nice product!

Brought the perfect rustic feel to our new South Dakota home.
Brought the perfect rustic feel to our new South Dakota home.
Massive 6x7 Elk Set ~Newly Listed~
5 / 5 Stars
Marlayna - Jul 18, 2020
These antlers were the perfect finishing touch to round out our giant mantle in our new house in Rapid City. We were looking for something that evoked the hills we live in, without being too over the top. These are the perfect rustic touch, and add a great three-dimensional element to round out the mantle. Thank you so much for shipping them here so carefully, and the ready to hang option made it super simple to get them where we needed them. We love them!

Great Product! My dogs love them.
5 / 5 Stars
Kim Bibbs - Jul 7, 2020
Exceeded my expectations! I am sure I will be placing another other in seven weeks!

5 / 5 Stars
Moneesha Wilkins - Jul 1, 2020
This is my third purchase, I’ve order giant and large. He loves the split antler and knows when it arrives in the mail

5 / 5 Stars
Kathryn Pedicini - Jun 30, 2020
yes they are expensive but with every penny and last far longer than bones. Our pack love these.

Caryn Elliott - Jun 25, 2020
Finnegan's favorite! Thank you.

Tanisha Arnett - Jun 14, 2020
I purchased 2 elk antlers for my labs 2nd birthday. She absolutely loves them. The kids loved playing with them, prior to giving them to her. They were well worth it to keep her busy. I can tell that these will last for a while.

Sam - Jun 12, 2020
I have five dogs so it is hard to afford antlers for them, this company has changed that. These antlers are large very affordable! I recommend them all the time!

Top Quality - My Dogs Love Them!
WHOLESALE Elk Antler Dog Chews- Grade-A
5 / 5 Stars
Dorene Taylor - Jun 12, 2020
My order arrived quickly, and I could not have been more pleased with the quality of the antlers we received at such a reasonable price. Thank you!

Ivan Chernyavskiy - Jun 10, 2020
Antlers were cut neatly. Marrow was wide open and dogs loved chewing on it. Compare that to store bought product where marrow is only showing a tiny little bit and you pay through the nose.

5 / 5 Stars
Mark Levy - Jun 3, 2020
Have been ordering from Yellowstone antlers for a couple of years and the quality is the best. They are pricey but worth it. Service is always great.

Kimberlee Nicholson - May 23, 2020
My 55lb pitty absolutely loves these. He’s a pretty hardcore chewer and no toy typically stands a chance against him, but antlers ears will last him a good week or more! Totally worth it and medium is a perfect size for him

Joseph Strelec - May 19, 2020
Live in Georgia - this is the only place I buy my antlers. They are a good size and last long!

5 / 5 Stars
Dawn Annarumma - May 14, 2020
My Danes like to chew and these are terrific. They don’t splinter and last for weeks. So thankful for them.

CAROL DUNN - May 14, 2020
Love how fresh and clean they are. My 8 month old goldens love them!

3 / 5 Stars
Connie Morse - May 13, 2020
I had heard really good things about how much dogs love these, but my dogs show no interest in them at all.

Chris Lockhart - May 11, 2020
Good sized antler and about 15 bucks cheaper than I could have gotten it at one of the pet supply stores.

Douglas Coulter - Apr 30, 2020
The dogs love them,they thank you

Cynthia Queen - Apr 27, 2020
We have large breed Weimaraner's and Whoo can they go through bones. They’re very durable and the dogs love them! I will be buying them again!

John Babis - Apr 14, 2020
my second time to order and...
Once again the quality and size of the antlers surprise. A soon as I opened the package both my GSD came running across the room.
I will be a returning customer forever now!!!

Carol Cimino - Apr 13, 2020
Thank you, our 9 month old Labrador retriever loves these. They keep her busy and helps keep her teeth clean. These are great quality. I will be purchasing again.

Jay - Apr 10, 2020
I gave this away to a friend's dog who is bigger and more aggressive chewer than my 90 lb pit mix. Top quality and service

5 / 5 Stars
Jim Novak - Mar 24, 2020
Awesome set of elk antlers Don! They are the best matched set I have ever seen in person and thanks again! Can't wait to hang them in my Man Cave!

Medium and large split antlers
WHOLESALE Elk Antler Dog Chews- Grade-A
5 / 5 Stars
Jordan Goldblatt - Mar 23, 2020
My dogs, small and large love them.

Peter Tullock - Mar 20, 2020
Our family has always had English bulldogs and they are very aggressive chewers. Elk antlers are the only thing we give them. Thank you Yellow Stone for providing Wallace and Lilly with such a great product and excellent/fast service.

Pamela Heiner - Mar 19, 2020
My dog loves these! They were recommended by a friend so I bought them as a safer alternative to nylabones, etc. she first reacted to it by running away but once she started chewing it she’ll stay busy for hours!

Jay - Mar 16, 2020
Power chewers only! I have a 90 lb Pit/American bulldog and this may be too hard for him. I think it doesn't have a lot of marrow to entice him as much.

Anne Beck - Mar 13, 2020
I have three large dogs and they all absolutely love these antlers. They are priced very well and delivered quickly. You cannot go wrong!!

5 / 5 Stars
Kimberly Nard - Mar 10, 2020
I have been buying Yellowstone antlers for years. They are the freshest I have found and they are priced less than the crap ones you find in stores. I recommend them to everyone.

Jeanine Taylor - Mar 8, 2020
The bones are amazing. I got one for my lab and one for my daughters Great Pyrenees. They live them

My dogs love to chew on these antlers.
GIANT-SPLIT Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
Suzanne Wilson - Mar 8, 2020
All three of my bully breed dogs will chew for hours on these antlers. Totally worth the price.

Fast Service - Dogs LOVE them.
5 / 5 Stars
Melissa Brunette - Mar 6, 2020
Very please with the Antler Dog Chews. Keeps them busy.

Bradley S Lawrence - Mar 3, 2020
You all have been great on getting my orders out fast. I've been using you for the better part of 6 years and will continue doing so for as long as I have dogs. I have also told all my friends with dogs to use antlers and to buy them from you. Thank you for being Gunnys supplier.

Jeanne Krider - Feb 28, 2020
I have a golden retriever that is a huge chewer and I found that with other types of bones, they either splinter or hard for her to digest. She absolutely loves these antlers and will chew for hours. She is so content :)

Rebecca Wheeler - Feb 16, 2020
Wow! This antler (whole-large) is the ONLY chew that my dog has not splintered or destroyed within 2 hours. I’ve had the bone a full week and she chews on it HOURS a day. No splintering. It is a little bit stinky, and that tells you how fresh the bone is, and that helps create allure. A friend told me that his heavy chewers worked on a Yellowstone Elk Antler for over a YEAR. I can believe it. Wow and thank you! I’m a fan!!!

Sherral Timerman - Feb 14, 2020
Wasn't sure what to make of these. I wanted my dogs to have an alternative to rawhide. Well, they like them. Not over the top crazy, but they like them. I think I bought too big. I may try deer as opposed to elk.

Suzanne Allison - Feb 13, 2020
There was an issue with my order and it was addressed immediately and resolved.
It was much appreciated and I would definitely recommend this company !

5 / 5 Stars
Jean K - Feb 12, 2020
These are by far the best quality antlers and best size as advertised. They will also do custom mixed orders if possible, they have worked with me in the past.

Karen Diemer - Feb 12, 2020
These antlers are my dogs favorite chew! Initially a bit pricey but lasts months instead of minutes like other products. Buying direct means they are as fresh as possible and supports small business. That's a win-win!

John Lonigro - Feb 8, 2020
Quality was excellent as well as service and
Very prompt

5 / 5 Stars
Mr. Kevin Cook - Feb 2, 2020
The first time our K9 pal Mr. Varik has encountered Moose Paddle chew . . . in the words of Agent Maxwell Smart of the comedy series Get Smart . . . 'and Loving it!".

Kate Hosko - Jan 31, 2020
My dogs love the large antlers - they last much longer than the other bones I was giving them previously. I also appreciated how quickly they shipped and arrived at our door. Many thanks, Yellowstone!

L Michelle Aguillard - Jan 31, 2020
My dogs are enjoying the antlers !! Except quality !! Fast shipping!!

Kimberlee Nicholson - Jan 28, 2020
Our dog Chief absolutely loves it. He’s still a puppy so he chews anything and everything he can get his mouth on and usually ends up swallowing it! But this antler ear kept him occupied, quiet, and was a serious challenge for him. Perfect treat for him! Will definitely order more

Jody Hergert-Andresen - Jan 27, 2020
The antlers were of nice size, clean and the edges were even ground to make them more round.

The Puppers love them
5 / 5 Stars
Anna - Jan 26, 2020
My dogs love chewing on the whole Elk antlers. The size is good. They last my dogs for months. They always love carrying them around the house and spend hours each day chewing on them. I have tried other brands/places. Getting them from Yellowstone antlers is the best. No one else compares. Great quality antler at a good price.

Paul Bilotta - Jan 23, 2020
As always great antlers. Never a disappointment. The dogs love 'em.

Catherine Sigg - Jan 12, 2020
My shepherd loves the antler and she’s a major chewer !

Candice Hart - Jan 11, 2020
My dog absolutely loves this! He hasn't touched any of his other toys or chews since this arrived. It's much more durable than expected as well, it should last a good couple of weeks at this rate. Excellent quality, will buy again!

Kathy - Jan 10, 2020
Our first order we just got yesterday and our 3 yr old Big Blue Male Dane is truly overjoyed., near 12" long 3.5"-4" wide Sturdy Antler by far the Very Best we have ever got for him....

Thank you Yellowstone from a Gracious Family & your amazing and Natural items on behalf of

our Precious
Mr. Benjamin Button Bleu Rescue Dane Extraordinairé

Vacaville California

Great product.
5 / 5 Stars
Scott Bailey - Jan 2, 2020
I’ve been ordering you antlers for years for a number of my dogs. Never a miss and they can’t get enough. Your speed on delivery is excellent.

Steven Groseclose - Dec 31, 2019
After using eastern whitetail deer antlers for hidden tang knife handles
wanted to try elk antler
these are the perfect size for the knives I am making

these antlers get five stars from us and Chin (the dog)
these antlers get five stars from us and Chin (the dog)
4-PACK MEDIUM Mule Deer Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
Tom Ferris - Dec 30, 2019
She's got one she's guarding beneath the coffee table. Chew's on them while we enjoy a cold one in the evenings!

5 / 5 Stars
Brenda Langley - Dec 28, 2019
Sometimes the older dogs hesitate to chew on an antler. Not with these! They are all over it. :)

Helen Travis - Dec 24, 2019
I can't believe how large these are at such an affordable price. My dog loves these. We will keep ordering

Oakley Shepherd - Dec 23, 2019
My dog ALWAYS enjoys the elk antlers from its the only place I buy from.

Nancy Karanda - Dec 20, 2019
My dogs love these antlers...they are a clean and healthy chew for them that their vet recommends!

5 / 5 Stars
Teresa Sargent - Dec 19, 2019
My two dogs LOVE these!

John Babis - Dec 9, 2019
Just what I was looking for, large antlers. As soon as I opened the package the dogs came running.
I will definitely bd ordering again

5 / 5 Stars
Jody Hergert-Andresen - Nov 29, 2019
The Medium split antlers are my best seller. The antlers are clean and there are no sharp edges where they were cut. My own dogs give them a 2 paws up!

Sean - Nov 22, 2019
Fast shipping! Great value and quality! Plus the antlers are very big and the pup loves them! Highly recommend!

5 / 5 Stars
Mary Shriner - Nov 21, 2019
I've spent more money than I care to admit on Amazon for what I thought were decently sized, quality antlers. My 52lb pit/lab super chewer has devoured a "large" piece in a couple of hours. Never again!

The quantity and quality I received from Yellowstone Antlers far exceeded my expectations and completely surpasses what I've purchased elsewhere. I was a little nervous selecting a wholesale quantity as my first order, but I couldn't be more satisfied. Absolutely fabulous value for the price.

I'll never order those measly, overpriced pieces from Amazon again. My dogs are in antler heaven. Thank you!

Jeffery Keilman - Nov 19, 2019
I recently ordered and received four elk antler chews from Yellowstone. Thank you so much for the quick delivery as well as the great product. I have two Labradors, and they are both pretty aggressive chewers. I have purchased elk antlers in the past from a local dog supply chain and their large elk horns were not only expensive, bit they were very small compared to the size and prices I received from Yellowstone.

Thank you so much again! I will be reordering, once they devour two elk horns each (might be a little bit). I definitely will not be going to my local dog supply for their whimpy bones!

Great Great Treats For My Boys
WHOLESALE Elk Antler Dog Chews- Grade-A
5 / 5 Stars
Francis Martino - Nov 17, 2019
I purchase both the split & whole medium Elk Antlers. I have three dogs and they absolutely love them. I have family members who have dogs and we give the antlers to their dogs as Christmas Gifts. Not only are the an tlers great for my boys, Don & his team at Yellowstone Antlers are the best. I have been purchasing from them for years and I have never had a problem with the product & the service from Yellowstone Antlers. Thank You Don and your Team.

great company, great people, great product.
X-LARGE-WHOLE Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
Vickie Crawford - Nov 11, 2019
we have purchased from these guys for several years. we will not go to anyone else. the antlers are priced fair and the quality is great. Cole, our bulk lab, loves them.

Kevin Silis - Nov 10, 2019
they were exactly what we were looking for and as advertised

5 / 5 Stars
RANDALL BERRY - Nov 1, 2019
The price and size is far better than on Amazon or Chewy. Our German Shepard wasted no time in working on the elkk antler.

Liz g - Oct 28, 2019
I have a very aggressive chewer,a 150 lb Rottweiler who loves these antlers. Keeps him busy for hours and they have lasted!
Fast deliver and quality product. I highly recommend!

Biggest, best split antlers available
Biggest, best split antlers available
GIANT-SPLIT Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
Abby Holcomb - Oct 25, 2019
Our malamute Lando absolutely loves split antlers, but it was hard to find ones big enough for him, until I found Yellowstone! I'm convinced these are the biggest split antlers you can get. They are long-lasting, high-quality, and not stinky. My dog's absolute favorite chew toy.

Jody Hergert-Andresen - Oct 24, 2019
These were bigger than I expected and they were so clean. I will definitely order again.

Jody Hergert-Andresen - Oct 24, 2019
I purchased these to sell to my students and clients. I liked that they came in a variety of shapes - some from the tip, some from the base. It was a nice selection.

Jody Hergert-Andresen - Oct 24, 2019
Nice size, very clean and reasonably priced. My German Shepherds approve!

Exceeded Expectations!  Fantastic!
5 / 5 Stars
JoAnna Gentry Collette - Oct 23, 2019
If you have power chewer dogs, these are absolutely the best antlers around. I have two young Golden Retrievers and they chew everything. I was not sure about buying a product I had not seen from a company I did not know, but I will continue to purchase from Yellowstone! Everything exactly as pictured and described. You will not be disappointed. These will last weeks as compared to days with the inferior box store antlers we had been purchasing. Your dogs will love them!

Exceeded Expectations!  Fantastic!
Exceeded Expectations! Fantastic!
Monster Moose Base Antler Chew
5 / 5 Stars
JoAnna Gentry Collette - Oct 23, 2019
I have two large power chewer young Golden Retrievers. They have chewed patio furniture, couches as well as stealing and destroying laundry! We have tried to keep them in antlers from the local pet stores, but they last just a few days and we are constantly purchasing. I was skeptical about purchasing a product I have not seen from a company I did not know. I ordered both the GIANT whole Elk Antler and the Monster Moose hoping it would help keep them occupied with something other than the furniture! They are exactly as described and pictured. They are HUGE! Charles and Maia have been busy with these from the first day, and have hardly made a dent. They love then and they will last weeks! Great company and great product. A must buy for anyone wanting a chew product for your dogs.

Heather Schechter - Oct 21, 2019
Antlers I receive from Yellowstone Antlers are clean, carefully cut and irresistible to my dog. I will not buy them anywhere else! Oh, and super fast shipping too!

5 / 5 Stars
Paula Henry - Oct 13, 2019
We have ordered two packs of these since September. Our dog absolutely loves them. The sizes are generous, but they still only last her about a week. She's a big chewer.

5 / 5 Stars
Ruth Jones - Oct 12, 2019
Very nice size, good value, shipped quickly. Excellent for your dogs teeth. My dog is an aggressive chewed (Scottish Terrier) with many allergies. My husband cuts them into smaller sizes for him. He loves them and has no ill effects from them.

Sam - Oct 7, 2019
My pup is obsessed with your antlers. They are by far the best I have found.

Shane Belanger - Oct 1, 2019
My dogs absolutely love these! A great price too.

Linda Sforza - Sep 29, 2019
My 8 lb and 11 lb dogs love these.

Anna Seifert - Sep 19, 2019
My dogs love these antlers

Kenneth Simon - Sep 18, 2019
My puppies love all the different antlers that we got from you. I want to thank you for the great quality, timely delivery and the easy check out online. I would recommend this to all dog lovers, some of the best products on the market and the price is great.

Brenda Langley - Sep 17, 2019
When I ordered a couple of the Monster antlers, I thought they would be big but these Monsters are REALLY Monsters! This whole shipment of antlers received from Yellowstone is top of the line! I'm so excited and proud to be able to offer my clients Yellowstone Antlers! And the dogs are completely sold on them too. :) That's all I hear, all day, chomp... chomp... chomp....

DALE BURT - Sep 12, 2019
Just as described. Are bigger than I imagined.

Dawn Annarumma - Sep 12, 2019
Have 2 Great Danes and these stimulate them for hours.

Sharon Chup - Sep 8, 2019
This is the second Yellowstone antler I ordered for my 9 month old golden retriever puppy. She loves them and it keeps her amused for hours giving me a much needed break from the upon energy.

5 / 5 Stars
Michelle - Sep 1, 2019
First of all, my dogs LOVE the antlers! They've been chewing on them non-stop since I gave them the antlers. If you go into a pet store and try to purchase antlers for dogs they are almost double the price, and half the size; the ones from the pet stores also don't last as long. The two antlers I purchased from Yellowstone Antlers were shipped very quickly, were priced very fairly, and are thick quality antlers! I am very happy with my purchase, and once my dogs eventually whittle down their antlers to nothing I will definitely be purchasing from here again! Thank you very much!

5 / 5 Stars
Carolyn Scharfeld - Aug 30, 2019
These are really high quality, substantial burrs. I can tell how fresh they are by the interest my dogs have in them. I will definitely be buying these again.

Amy - Aug 27, 2019
Placing my second order! This are by far the best antlers I have ever bought!!! If you are wondering about these don’t!! Top grade A quality!!

Dogs love your antlers. Keeps them very busy. Thank you.
2-Pack MEDIUM-WHOLE Elk Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
Steven Young - Aug 27, 2019
Great service and wonderful product. Have tried others but they don't compare in price and shipping costs. Don’t waste your money with any other company.

Renee Bristow - Aug 4, 2019
Great value. I was going through at least 2 yak chews a week. These keep their interest.

Renee Bristow - Aug 4, 2019
Great value. I was going through at least 2 yak chews a week. These keep their interest.

Thuy Ngo - Jul 28, 2019
My Lab and poodle love the split antlers

David Richard - Jul 22, 2019
Wasn't sure what to expect when I placed the order, but was pleasantly surprised by the size of the antlers. Now I needed to see what Kash thought. Well he definitely approved and loved them. I think next time I may get the whole as he really did some serious chewing on day one. Overall it was a great ordering process, delivered on time and a great GOOD size quality product. Will definitely buy again from Yellowstone.

Great toothpick for our German Shepherds
Great toothpick for our German Shepherds
2-Pack GIANT WHOLE Mule Deer Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
Melisa Davenport - Jul 21, 2019
Once our 9 year German Shepherd ,Brutus, finishes a meal he comes to one of us to get his after meal toothpick (giant whole mule deer antler) for a thorough teeth cleaning. His younger sister Kyra waits impatiently for her turn.

Luanna Craven - Jul 20, 2019
Gracie loves her paddles. Only questionable problem is I wish that all the paddles were cut in half Depth-wise. They are really big flat paddles.

Best chews for any dog
5 / 5 Stars
Amy F Frasier - Jul 15, 2019
I have ordered the extra-large whole antler chews several times and I will continue ordering from Yellowstone Antlers. These chews keep my dogs busy for hours. They are softer than beef bones or knuckle chews, which prevents them from wearing down my dogs teeth. But, they are hard enough that my "enthusiastic" chewers don't destroy them in ten minutes (which they do with the black extreme chewer kongs). I highly recommend these antlers and this company!

Luanna Craven - Jul 15, 2019
I did order those monster bones but they were toooo big for Gracie, an alpha boxer, 6.75 years old. So I will give those to another bigger, younger dog. I reordered the medium split which is arriving today. She loves her moose bones.

Andrew Natale - Jul 11, 2019
Great antlers and great service!

Roy Duvall - Jun 30, 2019
Your service,product & shipping was great!
I would most surely buy from you again but my dog is very sensitive towards a lot & I was hoping these moose chews would be ok for him but they caused him to break out. Nothing wrong with product just my dog.

Nancy Lescovitz - Jun 21, 2019
The split elk antlers are expensive but WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! My Goldens love these treats and so do mess and lots of chewing hours

Charles Mcknight - Jun 17, 2019
Wonderful product! Long lasting! We have 3 Rottweilers that love them!

Great Product! Repeat purchase
5 / 5 Stars
Rachel Ferradaz - Jun 16, 2019
This is our second order and we have one happy, happy pup! For those worried about the cost, it’s so worth it! Our last purchase of two large antlers lasted over six months. Comparing to other dog chews, these antlers by far outlast them all! As always, great customer service and fast shipping!

5 / 5 Stars
DAN EYLANDER - May 28, 2019
Every time I receive the antlers no matter the size I am never disappointed
They are always of premium quality and priced very well
Thanks for the great job you are doing!

5 / 5 Stars
JOSEPH WARD - May 27, 2019
quick delivery and great quality and my boys love them!!

Darren McIntyre - May 26, 2019
This is the third order I’ve placed with Yellowstone Antlers. I have a pack of 9 dogs of which 6 are heavy chewers.this is the first dog chew that I’ve found that lasts my pack more than three days. I’ve got antlers they’ve had for three months and are just about to the point I have to throw them out because they might become a choke hazard. Again great product and thank you.

Charles Colston - May 13, 2019
Our 2 dogs love them.

My Girls LOVE them!
5 / 5 Stars
Cindy Ekus - May 8, 2019
Quality Products

Great quality antlers for a great price
Great quality antlers for a great price
2-Pack Medium Moose Paddle Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
Peter - May 4, 2019
My dog loves these moose antlers. I ordered the medium 2 pack and they were larger than I expected. I have a 20 lb terrier mix and although it is a bit too big for him, he still enjoys them.

Ihlen - May 3, 2019
Our dogs love these antlers. They are top notch! Aggressive chewers these are their only treat.

Gabe - Apr 30, 2019
High quality antlers and super fast shipping. Thanks again!

Excellent Quality —Keeps Dogs’ Teeth Healthy
Excellent Quality —Keeps Dogs’ Teeth Healthy
X-LARGE-WHOLE Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
Laura Anderson - Mar 25, 2019
My 11 year old GSD/Belgian Malinois mix has chewed these antlers his entire life. He has NEVER needed a dental cleaning. At his annual check up this week, he received another excellent compliment on his very healthy teeth because he chews on these antlers each day.

Bruce Peterson - Mar 4, 2019
My 1yr old German Shepherd knew what was in the package before I could get it in the house to open it for her. It's been nonstop gnawing since. So she gives it a 5 star and I also give it a 5 star. I'm very pleased with our order, it was here in 3 days!! I will be ordering again!! Thank you for such a high quality antler.

A Happy Dog is a Good Dog
5 / 5 Stars
Rachel - Feb 28, 2019
Our yellow Labrador LOVES her antlers! After many dog toys that were easily shedded in a matter of minutes, we had to find a better chew toy. The antlers are high quality, fresh, durable and keep her busy for hours. Great customer service and fast shipping!

5 / 5 Stars
Nancy - Jan 20, 2019
A friend suggested Yellowstone Antlers for my two Goldens and lab. I'm glad I did...the dogs LOVE these: great size for chewing! I also order whole antlers which the dogs like, just not as much as the splits. Will definitely order again!

Steven Young - Jan 15, 2019
Best customer service I’ve seen. Fast shipping. Great product. Will definitely order again. Bought antlers from another company. Overpriced and shipping was well overpriced. If you want antlers for your pets, this is the place to buy from.

5 / 5 Stars
Lisa Tascone - Jan 13, 2019
We have purchased so many bones over the years and for now on these antlers are the only bones we will spend money on. Our dogs just love them. They last, they dont smell or make a mess in your house. We have a lab and we dog sit a Great Pyrenees. I will order more:)

Maverick absolutely LOVES his new Elk Antler!!!
Maverick absolutely LOVES his new Elk Antler!!!
GIANT-WHOLE Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
Chad Baulch - Jan 12, 2019
I am very impressed with the service I received from Yellowstone Antlers, and will definitely be re-ordering when this one is destroyed. Maverick was so excited to see his new Elk Antler that he immediately took it behind the chair to start gnawing away! I am pleased to say that he is really enjoying it, Thanks Yellowstone Antlers!!!

5 / 5 Stars
Kristen Fashoda - Jan 7, 2019
We buy 2 giant whole elk antlers and he is happy all year! Amazing quality, awesome for his teeth, and he’s never had any issues digesting or splintering... I keep coming back!

Wendy Holcomb - Jan 7, 2019
My bulldog, Stella loves these!!

We love Yellowstone Antlers products!
WHOLESALE Elk Antler Dog Chews- Grade-A
5 / 5 Stars
Lily's Baths & Biscuits - Jan 7, 2019
We are a pet supply retail shop in Denver, Colorado and we love selling products that we feel confident in. The freshness, quality and value of Yellowstone Antlers are tops!

Nick Reeves - Jan 7, 2019
Great Product! Will buy again!

Ruth Jones - Jan 7, 2019
My 1 year old Scottie is a chewer. He loves, loves, loves to chew. He has allergies so bully sticks and bones are not an option. I have purchased small split antlers(elsewhere) in the past, he loves them, but they are small and expensive. He also goes through them pretty quickly.
These are large, but not too large for him, I would say about 7 inches.
He absolutely loves them. The prices is extremely impressive for the product. I highly recommend. I see they are currently unavailable, I hope they are back in stock soon. I will try to upload a photo soon

Kristina De La Bastide - Jan 7, 2019
Love that these are natural and ship fast ! My pups love them!

Aimee Farrell - Jan 7, 2019
I got 2 medium split antlers for my dog for Christmas, and to say he loved it would be a total understatement. I have him these first, and that was it!!! I did t see him for hours! He was chewing like crazy all day! And the best part, the antler held up amazing, he barely got into it...And every day since enjoys a few hours of " chew time" . So happy Yellowstone , and thanks for such a quality and fresh product!

Always fast, always accurate.
WHOLESALE Elk Antler Dog Chews- Grade-A
5 / 5 Stars
Mike Willett - Jan 7, 2019
We really appreciate your attention to detail on all our orders. HIGHLY recommended.

Our German shepherds love these
WHOLESALE Elk Antler Dog Chews- Grade-A
5 / 5 Stars
Richard - Jan 7, 2019
This was our second order of antlers. Have received fresh antlers that are our dogs best chew toy.

Mary Sullivan - Jan 7, 2019
I have four labs who love the antlers. The antlers withstand the tough chewers without splitting. Well worth the money.

Bonnie Senf - Jan 7, 2019
My dog loves these - Better than anything I've purchased anywhere.

My Dog would Tell you :BEST Thing Ever"
LARGE-SPLIT Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
5 / 5 Stars
Bonnie Senf - Jan 7, 2019
I ordered both the whole and split and while my dog loves both, I can tell he prefers the split - must be the instant gratification - If you're on the fence about ordering these - do it - well worth the money. My Frank loves them!!!

5 / 5 Stars
Joseph Mazzotta - Nov 6, 2018
My dog Bailey had another elk bone just like this and he hugged it & chewed it constantly for the last 6 months.The bone was so small I had to take it away and he sulked. I ordered another same size 10-12" and he is again the happiest pup on the planet!!!!

My dog loves it
5 / 5 Stars
Jodi McGreggor - Oct 8, 2018
My dog has been using antlers since he was a pup..and now being 8 years old it was hard to find a good quality moose antler ( softer for older teeth). So happy we found Yellowstone antlers. Order a 2 pack of mediums and a large. Perfect sizing. Antlers are fresh. No dried splintering. Keep up the great work!

Frank Martino - Oct 1, 2018
I can't thank Don enough for the selection of Antlers. I have small dogs but my family and friends have larger 4 legged family members. I buy various sizes and they all love their Antlers. Recently I spoke with Don & he suggested the split Antlers. I ordered them for my boys and they love them. Thanks again Don and I will be sending in my Holiday order soon

Erin Sanders - Sep 30, 2018
My dog is happy and entertained when chewing on these antlers!