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When the husky approves it's quality product
When the husky approves it's quality product
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Tiffany - Apr 11, 2017
She certainly has a habit of nomming herself to sleep lol. This spoiled princess of mine is very easily bored and quite picky on what entertains her mind. After even a good solid walk she is bursting with the desire to still move but her hips just aren't what they used to be. Bully sticks are to fatty and give her runs and I wont allow raw hide into the house. So this was a last resort. Store bought are just terribly dry and often break and crack. These products not only last her for over 2wks of good everyday chew time but also provide an excellent distraction to her restlessness as she adopts to her limiting mobility. Though I do recommend the elk over the deer if you are going to be offering them like this as she went through the large deer in a couple days :/ The customer service is also above and beyond superb. I have sent several worried and curious emails about their product and each time was treated with understanding and kindness and full confidence in the product they sell. Not once have I ever felt unwanted or needy with them. Excellent good quality product and spectacular customer service are becoming unheard of now a days and I am proud to say this place has both in spades. Will never buy my antlers anywhere else!