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Perfect, Natural, Alternative
Perfect, Natural, Alternative
5 / 5 Stars
Jen Williams - May 13, 2021
I spent quite a lot of time looking for natural chews for our two puppies - one is an almost 11 month old German Shepherd and can destroy just about any toy when he decides to wield his giant canines. Antlers became the obvious choice, especially moose, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Both puppies have chewed daily on these since they delivered a month or so ago, and they’re not even close to finishing. The best part is that there are no signs, at ALL, of splintering.

This size is also just right for the monster Shepherd and his sister, who is about 30 lbs with a much much smaller mouth.

Highly recommended. My only warning is that, while filed down well and blunt, antlers that come to a point can be a little disconcerting when a zoomie-crazy puppy flies at you with it in hisher mouth. If I’d thought of this, I would have made sure to order a different cut that wasn’t the least bit pointed on either end.