Premium Grade-A Elk Antler Dog Chews

4-PACK MEDIUM Mule Deer Antler Dog Chews

4-PACK MEDIUM Mule Deer Antler Dog Chews 4-PACK MEDIUM Mule Deer Antler Dog Chews 4-PACK MEDIUM Mule Deer Antler Dog Chews
General Information

Try a nice 4-Pack of MEDIUM WHOLE Yellowstone Premium Mule Deer Antler Dog Chews . These fresh chews are cut from premium quality, GRADE-A  naturally shed Mule Deer antlers.

Recommended for Dogs 10-35 Pounds

  • AVERAGE LENGTH-   6.5- 7.5" Long
  • AVERAGE DIAMETER-  1- 2" Wide
  • AVERAGE  WEIGHT- 4 oz each chew
  • AVERAGE PRICE - $5.88 each                  

Unlock your Dog's natural instincts the healthy way, BUY Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Chews today!

Why Choose Antlers over other Dog treats?

Fresh Grade A+ Yellowstone Premium Antler Dog Chews will  typically not chip or splinter when they are being chewed unlike processed bones, or other lesser quality box store antler chews. Your Dog's chewing action grinds the antler down slowly minimizing the consumption as well as other hazards.

Fresh Yellowstone Antlers have virtually no odor or residue to get on your carpet or furniture. Antlers will vary in shape, thickness and color so no two antler pieces are alike, chances are your dog will enjoy the variety of these antler chews.

With our elk antlers there is only one Ingredient, Antler. Thankfully, antlers are an annually renewable resource so you can feel good knowing your antler chews come from Nature, and in the way Nature intended it. Obviously Antler chews contain no artificial or added Hormones, Antibiotics, Nasty & Smelly Slaughterhouse Animal By-Products, Steroids, Dyes, Chemicals or Preservatives.


As you know, antlers are an all-natural product, collected from the wilds of the Central Rocky Mountain Region. Because it is not feasible to inspect or analyze each individual antler chew beyond a visual inspection, the buyer assumes responsibility for possible allergic reactions or negative health related issues that may develop from use/misuse this product. By purchasing then using this product, You the buyer/pet owner assume all responsibility for ensuring the health and safety of your pets while using said product. Yellowstone Antlers LLC is not responsible for ANY negative health related isuues that may result from the use/misuse of this product in Animals or Humans.

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Price: $ 23.50 Per 4-Pack
4-PACK Medium-Deer Antler Chews

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STUFF your Shopping cart FULL with up to 18 pounds of your favorite ELK, DEER and MOOSE Antler Chews for the LOW price of just $9.99 for Fast 2-4 day shipping via USPS PRIORITY MAIL !

Save $$ with Yellowstone Antlers and buy your Antlers for Dogs in bulk!

Customer Reviews

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Excellent chew toys.
5 / 5 Stars
Both of our puppies are big fans of your antlers. Their cutting teeth and this is the best option out there. They both demolish regular pet toys. Thanks for the quick delivery. I’m sure that I’ll be ordering more in the future.

Great Purchase & Delivery
5 / 5 Stars
The antlers are the perfect size for our 23 pound Frenchton and were received several days before the expected delivery date. Hate paying $8.00 shipping for a $23.50 purchase, but it was worth it. Definitely recommend.

5 / 5 Stars
Very happy with them. Dogs love them.

Best antlers...period
5 / 5 Stars
I have been buying Yellowstone antlers for years. They are the freshest I have found and they are priced less than the crap ones you find in stores. I recommend them to everyone.

these antlers get five stars from us and Chin (the dog)
5 / 5 Stars
these antlers get five stars from us and Chin (the dog)
She's got one she's guarding beneath the coffee table. Chew's on them while we enjoy a cold one in the evenings!

Would Buy Again
5 / 5 Stars
After receiving mule deer antlers would definitely purchase again