Premium Grade-A Elk Antler Dog Chews

LARGE-WHOLE Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews

LARGE-WHOLE  Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews LARGE-WHOLE  Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews LARGE-WHOLE  Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews
General Information


LARGE-WHOLE Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews are cut from fresh, premium quality naturally shed Elk antlers.

  • AVERAGE LENGTH-   7.5- 10.5" Long
  • AVERAGE DIAMETER-  1- 2.5" Wide
  • AVERAGE WEIGHT- 7-12 oz.  Each                  

Your Dog will love a tasty Elk Antler Chew treat while removing plaque and getting the healthy benefits of calcium, zinc, and other needed nutrients.

Unlock your Dog's natural instincts the healthy way, BUY Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Chews today!

Why Choose Antlers over other Dog treats?

Fresh Grade A+ Yellowstone Premium Antler Dog Chews will  typically not chip or splinter when they are being chewed unlike processed bones, or other lesser quality box store antler chews. Your Dog's chewing action grinds the antler down slowly minimizing the consumption as well as other hazards.

Fresh Yellowstone Antlers have virtually no odor or residue to get on your carpet or furniture. Antlers will vary in shape, thickness and color so no two antler pieces are alike, chances are your dog will enjoy the variety of these antler chews.

With our elk antlers there is only one Ingredient, Antler. Thankfully, antlers are an annually renewable resource so you can feel good knowing your antler chews come from Nature, and in the way Nature intended it. Obviously Antler chews contain no artificial or added Hormones, Antibiotics, Nasty & Smelly Slaughterhouse Animal By-Products, Steroids, Dyes, Chemicals or Preservatives.

 LengthWeightRecommended Dog Size
Giant Whole 10-12" 14-24 oz. 75 pounds and up
X-Large Whole 8.5-10.5" 10-14 oz. 50-75 pounds
Large Whole 7.5-10.5" 7-10 oz. 35-50 pounds
Medium Whole 6.5-7.5" 4-7 oz. 20-35 pounds
Small Whole 5.5-6.5" 2-4 oz. 10-20 pounds
Petite 4-5.5" 1-2 oz. 5-10 pounds
*We recommend our Split Antlers for small Dogs and Puppies*
***Weight and size are not absolute as elk antlers naturally vary***



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Price: $ 18.50 each

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Offered on per-piece basis, ( Qty 1 = 1 chew) 

Why Choose Yellowstone Antlers?

At Yellowstone Antlers, we are careful and very concious when it comes to sourcing our Antlers. We use USA only Grade A+ elk naturally shed Antlers from Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Montana.

Since there is only one crop of elk shed antlers per year, we are careful to properly store and rotate our annual Antler stock, to ensure maximum freshness. We also only cut our Antler Dog Chews as needed, so our Antler treats are not just sitting around in some warehouse for months or years getting stale. We are confident our antler chews are the freshest on the market.

We pride ourselves in bringing you the valued customer the absolute best Antler Dog Chews available anywhere, at the best price and fast.

The secret is out! Dogs find fresh Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Chews irresistible! Let your Dog be a Dog, unlock his natural instincts the healthy way order some Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Chews today!

 How to use Yellowstone Antlers Dog Chews

Always supervise your dog when giving antler treats. Discard the remaining antler when it gets to the point that it could possibly be swallowed, and simply replace it with another Yellowstone Antlers Chew. As always provide plenty of fresh, clean water for your best friend. If long term storage is needed, we recommend storing our Antler Dog Chews in the freezer, to retain freshness.

Customer Reviews

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Love the quality!
5 / 5 Stars
Love the quality!
Our 10 month old Charcoal Lab Emmie and our year old yellow lab Jax absolutely love Yellowstone Antlers!! We received our first order last week and the antlers provide hours of chewing for these two puppies!! Thanks and we will be ordering again!
Steve and Shelly Mundt

We Love Yellowstone Antlers
5 / 5 Stars
Our dogs love their Yellowstone Antlers. The antlers are a healthy treat that they can enjoy for a long time. We always have new ones available for the dogs as the chew them down.

One question though... what is the best time of year to order the largest antlers? As you can see from the photo, we have 3 big GSDs and the antlers we get from you are by far their favorite chews. We appreciate that you offer an excellent product at a fair price.

Bill and Laura Anderson
Mokena, IL

Best Dog Chew for Pits
5 / 5 Stars
I have two pit bulls who love to chew and they love these chews. They always arrive quickly and are the best value I have found. I like the fact that they are naturally shed and no chemicals are used to process them.